The Mafia Collection

The Mafia Collection
The Mafia Collection
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Title:  The Mafia Collection Premium Collector's Edition


Mafia aficionados rejoice as you embark on an unabridged journey through the assembly of the Five Families, navigate the power struggle of the Castellammarese War, and rum run your way through Prohibition. You’ll meet influential characters like Charles “Lucky” Luciano, John Gotti and Meyer Lansky, and explore the underworld with those who vowed to take their experiences to the grave. Elevate your Mafia knowhow with this 10-hour documentary spread over six DVDs, accompanied by an illustrated companion book.


DVD 1 – Charles “Lucky” Luciano & Carmine Galante
DVD 2 – Roy DeMeo & Vito Genovese
DVD 3 – Joe Colombo & John Gotti
DVD 4 – Sam Giancana & Meyer Lansky
DVD 5 – Donnie Brasco & Allen Dorfman
DVD 6 – Joe Valachi & Tony Spilotro