Aladdin Casino Las Vegas Purple Faro Chip 1970

Aladdin Casino Las Vegas Purple Faro Chip 1970
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Originally opening as the 450-room Tallyho Hotel in 1962, it was the first major hotel in Nevada without a casino. That concept wasn’t much of a success and the property was sold less than a year after opening to Kings Crown Inns of America, which renamed it King’s Crown Tallyho. The King’s Crown company added a casino and showroom, but plans were halted when the Nevada Gaming Control Board declined to issue a gaming license due to financial concerns. The property was again sold, this time to Milton Prell. Prell led a $3 million renovation and reopened the property as the Aladdin in 1966.


After several more ownership changes, the original building was closed in 1997 and demolished in 1998 to make room for the new Aladdin resort which opened in 2000. In 2003, after declaring bankruptcy in 2001, the casino hotel was once again sold, then to Planet Hollywood International. After an additional renovation in 2007 the resort began operating under the new name “Planet Hollywood,” which survives on the corner of Harmon Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard.


Faro is one of the oldest gambling games played with cards. The name supposedly comes from the picture of a pharaoh on certain French playing cards. Faro was introduced to the United States in New Orleans. It was common in American gaming rooms, especially in the West until 1915, but had nearly vanished by 1925, except in a few Nevada casinos.

  • Authentic vintage casino chip
  • Measures 1.5" diameter
  • Casino used condition