Whiskey Aging Barrel

Whiskey Aging Barrel
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An oak barrel is almost magical, it removes excess compounds from its contents while at the same time shares some of its distinct flavor to the spirit. As legend has it, this 'boozy' vaporous elixir rises to the heavens where the angels claim it as their toll for watching over the spirits and making sure they turn out properly. The Underground aging barrels provide a perfect resting place for our award-winning Moonshine. The length of time spirits age and mellow in the barrel depends on personal taste. Small barrels begin imparting oak flavor quickly – best to check every two to three weeks for taste and top off what has been lost to the angels' share. When pleased with your results, pour into your favorite decanter or bottle and enjoy.


  • Rustic Black Steel Hooped American Oak Barrels
  • Please allow 2 weeks to ship
  • 1L barrel dimensions
height: 6 1/8"
diameter of head: 4 1/2"
diameter of bilge or belly: 5 1/4"
spigot: 1/2"
bung hole: 1/2"