Signature Artisan Chocolates

Signature Artisan Chocolates
Signature Artisan Chocolates
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Moonshine. Jazz. And chocolate? The 1920s introduced more than just illicit liquor to America. They also marked the dawn of the candy bar. Soldiers returning from World War I acquired a taste for chocolate thanks to their military rations. By the decade’s end, American confectioners made more than 40,000 types of candy bars.


This season, The Mob Museum offers a sweet taste of history with a limited edition small batch bean-to-bar chocolate, curated no less by world-renowned Chef Jean-Marie Auboine, from the city of Las Vegas, through the use of a series of complex machines and respecting the artisan process and temperatures, to create chocolate bars as unique as you!

  • 8 pc box of assorted chocolates
  • 4 premium milk chocolates, 4 premium dark chocolates
  • box measures 6" x 3.25 " x 1.75"
  • Shelf life is 30 days guaranteed. Can be extended to 60 days if kept in 68°F Humidity Controlled (Wine cooler is best)