Merry Moonshine! Holiday Wreath 50 ml three-pack

Merry Moonshine! Holiday Wreath 50 ml three-pack
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These custom-made holiday wreaths come adorned with three 50 ml bottles of our house-distilled moonshine. Crafted onsite in a custom-made still at The Underground speakeasy and distillery, The Mob Museum moonshines have been awarded various gold and silver medals at spirit competitions, including winning Best Moonshine at the 2020 International Whiskey Competition.

Choose from four options:

OPTION 1 : Signature, Huckleberry and Peppermint Moonshine

OPTION 2:  Signature, Vanilla Moonshine and Peppermint Moonshine

OPTION 3:  Signature, Ginger Jake Moonshine and Peppermint Moonshine


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