Moulin Rouge Casino Las Vegas Nevada $1 Chip 1993

Moulin Rouge Casino Las Vegas Nevada $1 Chip 1993
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The Moulin Rouge Casino was one of the first racially integrated casinos in Las Vegas, opening its doors in 1955. The casino was known for its glamorous decor, live entertainment, and luxurious amenities, attracting famous entertainers and celebrities of the era.

However, the casino faced financial struggles and was forced to close just six months after its grand opening. Over the years, the property changed hands several times and was even the site of a historic civil rights agreement in 1960.

This 1993 $1 chip serves as a reminder of the Moulin Rouge's place in Las Vegas history and the pioneering role it played in promoting integration and equality in the city's casino industry. As a collectible item, it offers a unique piece of Las Vegas casino history to those interested in gambling memorabilia.