The Flapper Ornament

The Flapper Ornament
The Flapper Ornament
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There perhaps is no figure more iconic of the Roaring '20s than that of the Flapper. Flappers were energetic and carefree, and speakeasies were the perfect place for them show off their fashion savvy. The “flapper” style was all the rage during Prohibition. 


Bobs, beads and higher hemlines — these are all features we conjure up about women’s fashion during Prohibition. Iconic images of flappers dancing the Charleston float through our minds as well, but what defined an “It” girl during this period? What prompted these women to abandon the styles of their Victorian-era mothers? No more restrictive dresses, corsets or floor-length gowns — fashionable women of the Prohibition era craved freedom of movement in their clothing. During the flapper era, women wanted sheer, moveable fabric with a dropped waistline and a squared body. The mixing of fabrics for evening wear (for a date or to visit a speakeasy) became very popular. Dresses could be ornately decorated with glass beads, rhinestones, furs and fabric flowers.


Finely etched from solid brass and finished with hand lacquer, The Flapper Ornament is crafted to showcase the undeniably glamourous, bold and progressive style of the '20s icon.

  • Dimensions: 3" x 2.75"
  • Packaged in a window box
  • Beautiful and lasting keepsake