The Mob Museum Building Shot Glass

The Mob Museum Building Shot Glass
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Exhibits, artifacts and memorabilia aren’t the only treasures to be found at The Mob Museum. The building itself is home to a captivating history all its own. Formerly a U.S. Post Office and Courthouse, the structure gained notoriety as a host of one of the Kefauver Committee hearings. In 2002, the building was sold to the City of Las Vegas for $1 under the condition it be used as a cultural center. Former mobster attorney and then mayor, Oscar Goodman, proposed the building be used to explore the significance of the Mob, and the rest is history.


Paying homage to our greatest artifact, The Mob Museum Building Shot Glass is a perfect souvenir that makes a distinctive barware gift for spirited drinkers and Mafia history buffs alike.

  • Glass material
  • Decorated with metal decal
  • Great gift idea
  • Novelty shot glass
  • Do not microwave